Let's Take a Roadtrip!

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My husband and I really enjoy going on roadtrips and now that we are both done with school (for the time being) we have a little more time and flexibility to hit the road and check out new places around us as well as familiar favorites.

Before we can hit the road though, there are certain things we always must bring. Some are necessary, others...maybe I not so much but I like to have on hand for those "just in case" moments. 

1. Car check. Fluids...air pressure in tires and spare tire...car seats...jumper cables...tool bag...all things to have on hand and be aware of before leaving on a roadtrip. Whether its a short trip close to home or a long trip aways away from home, doing these safety checks is always a smart idea. 

2. Battery pack. We have a battery pack that comes with an air pump, cable jumpers, USB port and plug in outlets. I can plug in my laptop to charge it up when we are on the road and not by a wall outlet. 

3. Snack bag. Snack crate. Just snacks in general! We bring a mix of savory and sweet which usually consist of beef jerky, Ritz and Triscuit crackers, honey wheat pretzels, almonds or peanuts, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, mint Oreos, gum and Smarties just to name a few. No shame in getting hungry on the road and its cheaper to stock up at Winco or Walmart than stop at gas stations for expensive treats. 

4. Wet wipes. We don't have kids but these things are great for wiping down dusty dashboards, and cleaning up sticky spills or hands. 

5. My Cricut machine. Funny maybe but oh so true. If we are going camping, I do not bring it but if I am going to a place where we are going to have Internet, I love to bring it. It's one thing to sit and design a lot of projects but its another thing to actually be able to cut them out on the road. Whether for people or for myself, I love bringing my machine with me. 

6. Portable chargers and cords. My husband usually doesn't remember to bring a charging cord for his phone and I have gotten out of the habit of bringing portable chargers. This along with any other gadgets such as selfie stick, our good camera and of course my Snapchat Spectacles. 

7. Camping chairs. We love our chairs and they have come in handy not only while camping but Black Friday shopping, impromptu picnics or when the highway is shut down and everyone turns off their cars for a couple hours, its nice to get out that camping chair and take a break from the seats of the car. 

8. Hammock. I heart my hammock! Its sometimes hard to find trees to tie the straps to but I insist on bringing it along on every road trip because... #prepared. You just never know what the situation will be. Especially if it is a place we have never been to before, we've been able to find the perfect trees to hook the hammock up to. 

9. National Parks passport. Even if we are not planning on going to a National Park in particular on a trip, I have regretted not bringing it on past trips because we happened to pass by a park we had not visited or seen for quite awhile.  So, from now on...it comes with us.

10. Chapstick. My lips hurt real bad...have you heard that before? My lips get drier in certain states than others and there is nothing worse than not having your favorite chapstick and having to lick your lips over and over and...well, just make sure you bring it. Then you're set!

Hope you've enjoyed these tips! Leave me a comment with your next roadtrip destination or roadtrip tip!


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