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Bringing all my blogs together today!

August came and went so fast it feels like! I did get to spend some time in Utah and did a Camping & S'mores Pinterest Party there. It was the best attended party I think I've ever had (attendance wise), so that was very exciting.

Taste of the Town in Layton? Totally so much fun! Tony & I have gone the last few years (or me and his cousin Joey) and I was super glad to go be in town for it again!

I have been in Utah quite a lot this summer. Part of April, all of May and a lot in June. Went back again mid-July and stayed until early August. Here's how I spent my last week!

I went to Seattle to watch my sister's 2 girls so she and her husband could go to Canada to celebrate their 10-year anniversary! I headed out on Sunday, my sister and husband left around Monday mid-morning and I took the girls to a princess story time thing that I found on Facebook, we played games, made dinner, painted nails, did crafts. So much on the first day! Tuesday was just as busy. Wednesday was full (of course, because I am the chick who never sits still for long...) Thursday was my last day solo with my nieces since their parents came home that evening. Friday and Saturday were spent doing things offered on the City Pass. Stay tuned for those posts - there will be a lot!

No trips to share from our travel blog in August since I spent the first full week in Seattle then back to Utah for a week and then home. More fun posts ahead!


for me it had passed quite slowly. but it feels nice to read your take on it. makes me realise about how truly different alll of us. by the way i really love you r blog. keep posting

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