FanX, CVX Live, Graduation - Oh My!

I can find time to crank out a post occasionally here but there is so much still I want to write about and include pictures! Hot air balloon festival in Kanab, Outdoor Expo in Sandy, a family dinner with some of my siblings last Sunday...I dont know - just whatever random stuff I am up to!

So here's the latest. This week started off slow and has gotten busier and busier. 

Tonight after work I got to attend a "Cricut Crafternoon" at the Cricut HQ. It was so crazy fun. I got to design 2 baby onesie outfits. I ended up ironing one on a bib because all the onesies except preemie sizes got snatched up. We got a bag filled with tons of swag , I had hearts in my eyes! I learned some new tricks and am excited to figure out time to sharpen my skills.

Thursday after work I head to FanX - I won a multi-day pass! and I got a ticket to meet and get a picture with NICK CARTER from the Backstreet Boys. I gotta pinch myself - is this real life?!

Thursday I need to make a Easter gift for my coworker and somehow work on my primary lesson for Sunday and make the kids their little Easter gifts. I asked Tony to make cupcakes that I can bring in to work but I wish I had the time to deliver them to friends and family. I got some edible easter grass and am going to create a little fun on the top of the cupcake with that.

Friday after work I head over to FanX again, I'm thinking about taking off work early and go to CVX Live as well. It may be too much though. We'll see. I need to check schedules and I am pretty sure I have ticket to CVX but I guess I'll have to be prepared to pay at the door if necessary.

Speaking of paying, Target closed down my card with them and I need to activate the chip in the new card they sent. Same with my bank debit card. Ugh! I have not made the time so I've switched to using my credit card and paying the balance every night or every few days.

Saturday is...festival of colors in Spanish Fork! Then straight home to shower and go to CVX for sure for what will probably be the remainder of my day. I wish I could go back to FanX but I think 2 days will be good. Plus Saturday will probably be major crowded. Oh well. I like crowds and at least I have a real good spot to park that I don't have to pay for. 

Sunday I can finally chillax - minus having to teach the kids at church. I'm keeping the tradition of a new outfit for Easter and bought a cute dress at Downeast Basics. It was on sale + they let me use a coupon - SCORE! I am super stoked. Downeast has become one of my favorite stores lately. Not sure why because they are expensive (to me) but I hope what I've bought remains top quality.

Tony & I graduate in less than a month and I need to get my butt in gear to create invitation since Tony decided not to order any. I may order just 5 (for $9!) through the college but am really just running out of time to get this done. I hate to be rushed but I'm doing the best I can. I could be better about managing my time at home. I get distracted so easily it's not even funny.

Almost 2am - I need to find my Backstreet Boys shirt, gather my graduation paper and tickets together and get myself to bed. G'Night!


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