Smart Watch Discussion

Let me preface this by saying that I won an Apple watch from school last night. Super duper exciting! While I think it's one of the coolest watches out there, it obviously won't connect to my Android phone and I've been searching for an iPhone on eBay and KSL without too much luck (no responses from people mostly or the phone doesn't work with T-Mobile).  I'd like to get a 32gig even though 64 would be super great, however, out of my price range. I'm already getting attached to the Apple watch even though I have not even been able to use it yet. (Weird, right?!) I'm thinking of selling it to get the new Pebble Time Steel or another smart watch. A win is so fantastic but if you are unable to use the prize, it doesn't do you much good, agreed?

I've had the original Pebble smartwatch for 3 years now and cannot live without it on my wrist. I like the long battery life, it's waterproof and pretty much all the watchfaces can be downloaded for free or you can create your own. A majority of the apps I've seen and used are free too. I'm leaning towards sticking with Pebble and getting the Pebble Time Steel.

I'm also exploring other smartwatches, Moto360, you dont have to have your phone nearby to use the apps. I don't feel like I would need to answer calls on my phone, a notification is fine enough, but having that feature might be cool? LG Watch Urbane is another one I've looked at as well as Huawei. 

I would probably love to stay and work with the Apple watch if I was able to try it out for a month or so and see how I liked it but at this point that means selling my ipod touch and Galaxy S4, buying an iPhone, putting the Pebble on hold and figuring out which set up I like best. Not sure I'm up for all the switcharoo. I'm trying to make it work but so far it's a no-go.

So my question is, what would you do? Do you have a smartwatch? 

Which one do you have, why do you love it, what are you not a fan of with it? 

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