Best Vehicle I've Ever Rented

I have rented a lot of cars in the past when I've gone on roadtrips or flown somewhere and needed a car. Got a PT Cruiser once in Portland, Chevy Aveo for another Portland trip, a Toyota Prius for a trip to New Mexico last October but most recently on our 2 year wedding anniversary trip, my husband and I decided to rent a truck. We rented from the Toyota dealership not too far from us and got this...
I was not planning to do a review on this truck but Tony & I loved it so much that I knew I had to take a few pictures and share some cool things about it on my blog.

Toyota Tacoma 2013

We took it from SLC down to New Mexico and Arizona then back up to Utah. We got about 20 mpg on the trip.  It has a bigger gas tank than my Mazda Protege5 but got the same gas mileage as my car so that was really nice!

Here were some of my favorite features...

Spot for a USB cord & an aux cord. I love this because my car doesnt have it

Touch screen for radio/music. 

Kind of surprised it wasn't a GPS too because the screen is so big!

I was able to sync my iPod touch and we listened to music and audiobooks without any wires being hooked in to anything! I was so amazed. That's the power of Bluetooth :) I did notice that when I was charging my iPod and I would unplug it to take a picture and then would plug it back in, it automatically paused so we'd have to hit play again. Not sure if that is a feature you can turn off or on but once we figured that out it was no big deal.

My car doesnt have a steering wheel with these features, it's just plain and boring. But this truck has a fancy steering wheel, as you can see. I loved being able to control the radio and volume with the touch of a button and I did not even have to move my hands. You could also answer and hang up the phone if you have it synced with Bluetooth. I did that but didnt get any calls or make any either really.

I did not take a good picture of it but on the right hand side of the steering wheel, in the back there was a slot area. Perfect for setting a cell phone in.

These cupholders could be removed and there could just be an empty space to set things if you did not want to put cups in this space.

Another cup-holder closeby in between the seats.

There were also 2 cup-holders behind the middle console.
I did not  get a good picture of the cup-holders in each door but they were deep and perfect for tall drinks.

Check this out!!

This is my last favorite feature of the truck and maybe my top #1 favorite. It's just so genius!An outlet-plug in the bed of the truck!! Who knew! It works when the truck is on & with a push of a button near the left hand side of the steering wheel. We heated up soup in a crockpot as we drove and by the time we got to our first camping area, it was fairly hot and ready to eat. I would have loved to use it time!

Before we returned the truck we vacuumed it out and since there was not much time to go to the carwash to use their vacuum, no problem! We took our own outside and plugged it in to the outlet in the truck and were able to clean up all our crumbs and dirt without a problem. The suction did not seem super strong but that could have been my vacuum. 

I would super love to own this truck! There was not a single thing about it that I did not like. Granted, I didint sit in the back or test anything out back there or scope out the cupholders ;-) but everything else...good u-turns, when I turn my head to look over my right or left shoulder I felt like I always had a clear view, the truck got up to speed in a decent amount of time and had good power overall.

*This post was in no way sponsored by Toyota. 
All opinions are my own.
All pictures (except the stock photo) are my own


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